Cardinal Mooney Mission Statement

Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School, a Christ-centered, college preparatory institution, prepares students to serve and lead by nurturing spiritual growth, cultivating the talents of all students and challenging them to pursue academic excellence.

A Message From Our Principal

You Belong Here!

What they’re saying

Thanks to Cardinal Mooney, my four years of high school were some of the best years of my life. My teachers cared and even inspired me to become a teacher; my friends turned into my forever family; my faith grew tremendously; my teams won championships; and my academic studies gave me knowledge and skills that have helped me succeed well beyond the walls of the classroom. Mooney and the many happy memories I made there will forever hold a very special place in my heart!

Cardinal Mooney has taught me many lessons and principles, and I am forever grateful for the values it has bestowed upon me. Not only was it a place where I could express myself, but also a place where it opened me up to new ideas and ways of thinking. Cardinal Mooney taught me that I need to work hard for what I want to achieve in life, and with that comes great responsibility for not only myself, but also to care for the community that surrounds.

Being a part of the incredible Cardinal Mooney community has shaped who I am in an extremely positive way and I hope that in the future I will be able to inspire others the way I was and continue to be inspired here.

Mooney is teaching students to be there for each other and to notice the kid on his own by reaching out to him. Just another reason I am so proud to get to send my child to Mooney.

Cardinal Mooney provides our family with a strong feeling of community. From the moment we decided to send our daughter to Cardinal Mooney, we have felt, and most importantly, our daughter has felt support and encouragement.

To our family, Cardinal Mooney represents faith, family and lifelong friendships, all together while receiving the top education in the area. All of the blessings Cardinal Mooney offers are like no other, and that is a true testament to what a gift this school is.

You Belong Here